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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Harpinder Sandhu, Surrey

    ATTN: BC Electoral Boundaries Commission

    The new draft boundaries are a great achievement of understanding Surrey, its neighborhoods and its town centres. I applaud your new map of Surrey, it is done very well and has taken into consideration the main points I made when I first presented to the commission at the Sheraton Hotel in guildford, Surrey. My original map of all the ridings including the new riding has been followed very closely by the commission.

    The only adjustment required is to move the Fleetwood boundary to the south from 80th ave to 76 ave to 160th ave thus including Fleetwood Park into the riding. The eastern boundary would then become 160th from 96 ave to 76 ave. The key point about Fleetwood is that the town centre is 152nd ave & Fraser Hwy. With this new boundary the town centre is positioned directly in the centre of the riding. The town centre is the historic heart of the Fleetwood neighborhood where the majority of the economic activity occurs. Moving the boundary any further East than 160th ave may undermine the character of the neighborhood.

    My fear is that the Draft boundaries will be hijacked by partisan actors who did not speak in the first round but choose to make changes to satisfy their own agenda. Please resist such biased outcry and focus on the objective arguments about how the boundaries should be set up.

    My background: 33 year resident of Surrey. I am a Real Estate Appraiser for BC Assessment and I have a degree in Geography & Economics from SFU specializing in sustainable development and urban planning. My experience as an Appraiser gives me perspective on how cities derive value from its land. My experience as a Planning Technician at the City of Surrey provides me with the experience to know how the city has grown and will continue to grow with clusters of density surrounding town centres.

    Thank you for accepting my response,

    Harpinder Sandhu

    Harpinder Sandhu - Submission.pdf

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