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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Elsie Kipp, Yale

    I grew up in the village of Yale. I attended Yale Elementary School until Grade 6 and then, for Grades 7 through 12, attended in the town of Hope. I work out of Hope and live just north of Hope. My son attends daycare in Hope. I consider the town of Hope my "service centre" , as well as my community, and have been upset about the reallocation of our electoral boundary since they took place, as I personally saw it as a ploy to cancel out votes cast for members of parties not represented by the government in power. The ballots cast by British Columbians in the rural areas of Hope, Yale and towns and villages to the north in the Fraser Canyon are canceled out by the larger city of Chilliwack's (and immediate surrounding villages) popular vote. A number of people in Hope may believe that, because we do a lot of our shopping in Chilliwack, we are more closely tied in culture than to the people of Merritt, for example. When we look at the industries and social demographics, I would have to disagree. Just as our ballots become "net zero" by the larger city's ballots, so do our towns' interests - elected officials respond to voter power - does our beautiful little Fraser Canyon Hospital matter to the people of Chilliwack? Not so much. Does it matter to an MLA who represents other small towns, perhaps a little more, especially since our hospital serves as the main service should folks from "up country" be injured on our highways while taking a trip into the Lower Mainland? These are just a couple of examples. I know from stories of the local community elders, the representation was more personal and responsive/responsible under the old, Yale-Lillooet boundary. I feel it is in the interest of our community, our health care, our education and our small businesses to be tied in again with towns such as Merritt.

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