Public Input Received
The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Princeton public hearing

    Princeton public hearing.mp3 (total recording time = 2:13:22 mins)

    Start time Presenter City/town Organization
    6:17 Mil Juricic Merritt
    11:43 Jim Rabbitt Merritt
    24:33 Denise Williams Merritt
    31:56 Frank Armitage Princeton Town of Princeton
    48:00 Gordon Comcall Princeton
    53:40 Susan Robinson Princeton Fletcher Trans. / Building Supplies
    59:25 Roger Mayer Keremoes
    1:09:53 Kim Vokey Princeton
    1:11:46 Bob Marsh Princeton
    1:14:24 Don Strickland Princeton
    1:21:12 Peter Moyes Merritt
    1:24:24 Trevor Phelps Princeton
    1:26:45 Robert Tarswell Princeton
    1:30:35 Harry Lali Merritt Constituent
    1:40:35 Walt Halipchuk Princeton
    1:48:55 Angelique Wood Princeton
    1:58:49 Gordon Frost Princeton
    2:02:30 Mary Masiel Princeton
    2:05:28 Susan Hamilton Princeton
    2:08:20 Sal Allison Princeton

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