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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Catherine Wiebe, Hope

    I would like to express my opinion that the community of Hope should continue to align with the Chilliwack-Kent electoral boundaries for a number of reasons. My first concern is that the roads connecting Hope to the rest of the Fraser Nicola area are extremely treacherous for much of the year. Citizens wanting to engage with their elected official or attend meetings to discuss issues would have a very hard time attending if they were anywhere but in Hope. This concern may result in Hope having a diminished voice in addressing issues.
    My second concern is that there are already a number of connects that link Hope to the Chilliwack/Agassiz communities. Both communities are part of Fraser Health and in its newest organization structure, report to a single Executive Director. By moving Hope to Fraser Nicola it would require this individual to establish relationship with both MLA’s to advocate on behalf of the communities she services. The Fraser Valley Hospital Foundation also supports all the communities within the current electoral boundaries, as does the Fraser Valley Regional District, which is involved in a number of local services. By moving Hope out of its current electoral riding you are disturbing what is currently an effective flow of information and services between communities and putting a significant burden on Hope to continue working with these agencies/departments in Chilliwack, while at the same time having to establish new working relationships within the Fraser Nicola riding.
    Linkages between Hope and Chilliwack are strong and well established. Most local traffic from Hope is going towards Chilliwack, not into the Fraser Nicola catchment. I feel it would be extremely detrimental to the community of Hope to move it to this new riding.

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