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The following input and submissions were gathered by the commission through public hearings held in 29 communities throughout B.C. from September to November 2014. The public also provided input through the online submission form, by email and by mail to be reviewed and considered as the commission develops a Preliminary Report for further public input.
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    Tracy Lakeman, Tourism Richmond, Richmond

    November 16, 2014

    Electronic Submission (via

    To: BC Electoral Boundaries Commission, Victoria

    Re: Redistribution of Ridings for Richmond, BC

    On behalf of Tourism Richmond, I am pleased to make this submission to the Commission in support of a fourth Richmond Provincial Electoral District.

    At Tourism Richmond we have a long-standing commitment to our City in a variety of tourism promotion and volunteer initiatives, and are pleased to have good working relationships with all levels of government in this endeavour. Your own statistics demonstrates our City continues to grow and in doing so, develops new relationships both domestically and internationally. This growth is certainly to the City’s benefit, however this added growth does result in more pressure on all our elected officials.

    We sincerely appreciate the work of the Commission to balance electoral representation and are grateful for the opportunity to advocate for the people of Richmond. After having reviewed your online population statistics for the ridings of Richmond-Steveston, Richmond Centre, and Richmond East, Tourism Richmond believes a fourth provincial riding for Richmond is desperately needed.

    The significant population increases in all three ridings indicates to us that our City is well-positioned to easily sustain a fourth riding – especially when you take into account the dramatic population increase that is projected over the next five years. Richmond Centre alone is looking at dramatic densification due to the City’s City Centre Area Plan, and the West Cambie Area Plan. We note that our Mayor, Malcolm Brodie, has made a separate submission on behalf of City Council too, echoing the projected population growth in Richmond and we fully endorse his request for a forth Richmond seat in Victoria.

    We believe that the new riding could focus more on the City Centre and south Richmond, and push the boundaries of Richmond East to the east to perhaps include part of the Queensborough area. It would push the Richmond-Steveston riding slightly to the east. And it would push the southern boundary of Richmond Centre slightly north to allow for its projected population increase to grow with the riding. This would not alter the character of the three current ridings. We believe the character of the new “Richmond-South Arm” riding would be similar to the adjacent ridings, so there would be little, if any, disruption of voting patterns.

    We are grateful for our City’s prosperity and growth – and sincerely hope you will agree that with our current and anticipated growth, a fourth riding is needed for Richmond.

    Thank you for considering our proposal.


    Steve Veinot
    Chair, Tourism Richmond

    cc. Tracy Lakeman, CEO
    Tourism Richmond Board of Directors


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