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The following input and submissions were gathered by the commission through public hearings held in 29 communities throughout B.C. from September to November 2014. The public also provided input through the online submission form, by email and by mail to be reviewed and considered as the commission develops a Preliminary Report for further public input.
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    Les Waldie, Prince George, B.C.

    Thank you for the opportunity to input to the Electoral Boundaries Commission.

    I am a resident of Prince George area and so my comments relate to the three ridings in the Prince George area - Prince George Mackenzie, Prince George Valemount and Nechako-Lakes.

    When I examine the numbers the Nechako-Lakes Riding population is 27,692 compared to Prince George Mackenzie at 46,562 and Prince George Valemount at 48,599.

    In my view, the boundaries between the Prince George Mackenzie and the Prince George Valemount ridings could be modified slightly to create more logical alignment as between the geographical areas and the riding.

    I note that there is to be no change in the number of ridings in our area, and so it is recommended that the Commission consider some modifications that will provide some increase for the Nechako Lakes population base as well as good future population growth potential while not making major modifications to the existing riding configurations.

    Major changes confuse the voting public with a consequent negative impact on overall voter turnout.

    Currently the dividing line between PG Valemount and PG Mackenzie ridings is Highway 97 north from the Highway 16 -97 junction and Highway 16 west from the Highway 16-97 junction to the two riding’s western boundaries, with some minor anomalies.


    1. Move the small segment of the Prince George Valemount Riding that is on the eastside of Highway 97 north of the City and within the City boundary into the Prince George Mackenzie Riding. The area of Prince George north of the Nechako River is generally considered the Hart area, so it is logical to have that whole area within the City limits assigned to the dominant riding in that area.

    2. With respect to the Nechako Lakes it is desirable to explore some modifications to increase the Nechako Lakes riding’s population without significantly disrupting the established ridings.

    It is recommended that:

    a. The east and west boundaries for the Prince George Valemount and the Prince George Mackenzie Ridings in the Prince George city continue to be Highway 97 to the north and for the north south boundaries be Highway 16 to the west.

    b. The western boundary for the Prince George Mackenzie riding be moved back from its current location to 15th Avenue west of Highway 97 and University Hill and then straight west just south of Shane Lake to tie into its western North South Boundary. The area then that is west of the new boundary would be added to the Nechako Lakes Riding. That includes the new and developing University Heights residential area, the Beverley and Mud River areas north of Highway 16 all of which are currently in the PG Mackenzie riding.

    c. The western boundary of the Prince George Valemount Riding that is west of Highway 97 and south of Highway 16 be moved back from its current location to run along Bear Road and Bunce Road to Leland Road and then straight south at the end of Leland, thus moving all the Haldi Subdivision and other areas west of Bunce Road and south of Highway 16 currently in the Prince George Valemount Riding into the Nechako Lakes Riding.

    3. While it is difficult to be accurate, it is estimated that these suggested changes will impact the Riding population base as follows:

    Prince George Valemount would drop from ~ 48,600 to ~38,000
    Prince George Mackenzie would drop from ~46, 600 to ~38,000
    Nechako Lakes would increase from ~27,700 to ~46,900

    It is further suggested that 8,000 - 10,000 of the population in Nechako Lakes as a result of this recommendation be redistributed to the electoral districts to the west of the Nechako Lakes boundary.

    This change will provide a more even population distribution between the three Prince George area ridings. The recommended new eastern most area for Nechako Lakes is one of the areas in Prince George where new residential development is underway with more planned, so further growth in that riding can be expected. Prince George has had 3 ridings in the past and realigning the ridings recognizes as suggested results in minimal impact to the voters and creates a configuration with voters are generally familiar.

    We commend these recommendations to you for your consideration.

    Yours sincerely

    Les Waldie

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