Previous Public Input Received
The following input and submissions were gathered by the commission through public hearings held in 29 communities throughout B.C. from September to November 2014. The public also provided input through the online submission form, by email and by mail to be reviewed and considered as the commission develops a Preliminary Report for further public input.
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    Lorne Valensky, Surrey

    Dear Commissioners:

    It is not often that we have the opportunity to provide comment regarding electoral boundaries. Our democratic process requires that citizens are represented in a balanced way and with an equal voice; as communities change boundaries must be revisited to ensure they still appropriately represent the population they were meant to serve.

    My family has been living in Surrey for twenty two years and regrettably the times when coyotes would meet you at the front door while reaching out for the morning papers have long gone. Surrey has experienced the greatest development and population growth of any jurisdiction in British Columbia. As a result of this growth, our provincially elected officials are no longer able to adequately represent all of the citizens in this region.

    I therefore believe when comparing the City of Surrey to other regions in the province, Surrey is underrepresented in our provincial legislative assembly and that there should be an increase in our regions allocation of MLAs.

    I would like to thank the Commission for allowing me to contribute to a very important aspect of our democratic process and wish you well in your deliberations.


    Lorne Valensky

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