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The following input and submissions were gathered by the commission through public hearings held in 29 communities throughout B.C. from September to November 2014. The public also provided input through the online submission form, by email and by mail to be reviewed and considered as the commission develops a Preliminary Report for further public input.
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    Johanna Nott, Princeton

    Dear Commission Members:

    My name is Johanna Nott. I am a retired school district employee and I have lived in Princeton for 35 years.

    I would like to add my comments to the boundaries redistribution process. I do not want the Commission to take Princeton out of Fraser-Nicola Riding and add it to Boundary-Similkameen. We do not have anything in common with them. We are not the Okanagan. If Boundary-Similkameen needs more people then take them from the Okanagan ridings by moving their boundaries northward.

    Our geographic, historic and economic links are all with Merritt and Fraser-Nicola. We share the same forest and mining industries, the same school board and the same timber supply area. Our geography is mountainous grasslands, forests and ranchlands.

    If you are looking to add more people to Fraser-Nicola please take them from the high-growth area to the West of us in the Hope and Fraser Canyon area.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Yours truly,

    Johanna Nott
    (address removed)
    (address removed) Princeton, BC
    (address removed)

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