Previous Public Input Received
The following input and submissions were gathered by the commission through public hearings held in 29 communities throughout B.C. from September to November 2014. The public also provided input through the online submission form, by email and by mail to be reviewed and considered as the commission develops a Preliminary Report for further public input.
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    Shirlee Johnson, Ashcroft

    Please accept this recommendation that the boundaries of the Fraser-Nicola riding remain as they are. This is a large geographic area and the distance between communities must be considered. It is important that people in each community must be able to have face to face contact with their Member of the Legislature.
    The communities of Lytton, Ashcroft, Cache Creek, Lillooet, Gold Bridge, Spences' Bridge, and Clinton are ‘united’ by a common school district while Merritt and Princeton are united by another. These are natural boundaries that provide many connections between each of these communities.
    It is important to consider driving times between communities that an MLA will be serving. The drive from Gold Bridge to Ashcroft would take a minimum of 3 hours in very good driving conditions with another 2 hours added to reach Princeton.
    In conclusion, please consider the unique geography and size of Fraser-Nicola and allow our present boundaries to remain.
    Thank you.

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