Previous Public Input Received
The following input and submissions were gathered by the commission through public hearings held in 29 communities throughout B.C. from September to November 2014. The public also provided input through the online submission form, by email and by mail to be reviewed and considered as the commission develops a Preliminary Report for further public input.
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    Carol Fielding, Terrace

    Submission to the Electoral Boundaries Commission: Skeena Riding Proposal
    Looking forward into the future of proposed LNG developments of the Skeena Riding which includes Terrace & Kitimat as the primary communities, it is clear that these two communities have grown and will continue to grow in leaps & bounds. One marker to base this determination on is the current housing crisis that we are now experiencing in both communities.
    Understanding that part of the process for electoral boundaries assessments is based on population and on access geographically. I would suggest that it would make logistical sense that we move Stewart into the Stikine area as the road access for this community is actually half way between Terrace & Smithers. Realizing that the Nass Valley was once in the North Coast Riding that this community could be moved back to the North Coast; while their road access is via the community of Terrace they are also serviced equally well by boat into the community of Kincolith. These two moves would create a better balance in the population and would also allow for the continued population growth of the Skeena Riding.
    In my position as Executive Director of the Terrace Chamber I understand the expectations of how representation is important in the nature of the resource development opportunities, it is also clear that from a service hub perspective it is imperative that we have a riding area focused on the potential of the industrial developments to support our infrastructure and service needs. These boundary changes would enhance our ability to have a strong voice with the support of our residents.
    As we move forward towards the building of industrial developments in the North I would strongly suggest that no electoral districts be removed, each district has its own unique economic plan that the peoples of those areas are dependent on. We know that the province as whole is in a build & diversify economic development plan with much of the new development happening in the north east & north west corners to reduce the northern ridings could possible hinder the expected outcomes.
    Overall for the province I would not like to see more electoral boundaries implemented in the lower portion of the province where there is currently a heavily weighted presence of MLA’s which in some cases may hinder the potential of opportunities that the north could take advantage of.

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